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Explosions of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline in Berlin: Do Not Publish

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German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said the German government’s information about the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions is not intended for the public.

Khabik confirmed that he could not comment on the statements that appeared in the media about the sabotage of the Nord Stream lines.

He added: “Therefore, the information of the German government is not intended for discussion in the media.”

He also indicated that the German prosecutor’s office is looking into the details of the incident, and “will make a statement when it completes the investigation.”

Earlier, The New York Times reported that new intelligence information indicates that some pro-Ukrainian group, whose plans are not necessarily known to Kiev, is behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream main gas pipeline for transporting Russian gas.

In the same context, the German newspaper Zeit reported that the consequences of the attack on the pipelines lead to Ukraine.

The newspaper reported that German investigators found the boat used to mine the Nord Stream gas pipeline below the Baltic Sea, adding that the two Ukrainians rented it from a company based in Poland.

Source: TASS

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