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Far-right attack halts field trip of immigrant students in Germany

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a group of immigrant students in German state of Education authorities said Monday that Brandenburg had to cancel a field trip after it received threats from far-right supporters.

Berlin Education Minister Katharina Gunther-Wensch said students from the Lena Morgenstern School returned safely to the city and were offered a psychiatrist. support after the racist incident.

“I would like To thank the school administration and teachers who He was with students and took Right decisions There,” she said in a permit.

According to BZ newspaper, about 20 students are between the ages of 15 and 16 on Study trip with their teachers when the racist incident occurred at a campsite near Lake Frauensee.

a group of Right-wing extremists in the camp area first They shouted racial slurs against students, and later threaten them with violence and some of they also He tried to break into the hostel where the students were staying, according to the report.

The teachers had to cancel the study trip for the safety of students and all left the camp with Police escort on Saturday night.

Germany has seen an increase in racism in Recent years, fueled by propaganda of Far-right groups and parties, who took advantage of the refugee crisis and tried to stoke fear of immigrants.

It was carried on by neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists out No less than 1138 violent attacks last year. 478 at least people They got hurt in These attacks, according to official Numbers.

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