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Fatal Blaze: 29 Dead and Many Injured in Beijing Hospital Fire

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29 at least people Dozens were killed of Others injured in a fire who tore a hospital in The Chinese capital Beijing a city official Wed confirmed.

the fire in Beijing Changfeng Hospital in Fengtai district erupted out It was around 1pm (5am BST) on Tuesday and was almost extinguished half after an hour.

Li Zongrong, deputy mayor of He expressed his “heartfelt condolences,” as he put it announced the new Outcome at a press conference.

twelve peopleincluding the attachment directorthey were arrested in communication with The fire said Sun Haitao from Beijing public Protection bureau, adding that among the detainees were representatives of the hospital restoration company.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that a preliminary investigation revealed the fire caused by means of “sparks generated during the interior renovation and construction of Inpatient department of the hospital.”

The sparks ignited the volatile materials of flammable paint on site,” CCTV said.

social media users posted Tuesday video of people sitting on external air AC units, while others cling to it ropes jump off building.

The victims were 16 women And 13 menLi said.

“We feel deep remorse and guilt,” he told reporters.

on behalf of of Fengtai District party The committee and the county government express our deepest condolences for The victims, and we express our sincere respect to the families of the victims and the injured and their families, and we apologize to them. people of everyone city. “

39 in the hospital

CCTV reported it out of 29 dead There were 26 patients in the hospital and two hospital staff and one He was patient’s family member.

There are still 78 patients being treated in hospital, who She was moved to the west of the facility buildingCCTV said.

state-run People’s Daily reported that eg of Wednesday morning 39 people were being treated in the hospital with Three others were discharged from the hospital.

summit city Officials visited the hospital shortly after the fire with Beijing party secretary Yin Li vowed to “quickly identify the cause of Incident and related contract responsible According to the Beijing Daily.

AFP journalists on Wednesday witnessed dozens of onlookers outside The entrance to the hospital where there is a large number of Police officers are stationed, which is discouraging people who took photos.

some of Hospitals windows It looked drafty at least one It was broken, with Soot marks are visible on cutting of Interface.

a lot family Members lost contact with Patients, with The missing are mostly older people with Mobility problems, she told China Youth Daily in Separate report on Wednesday.

Police officer on the scene on Wednesday to AFP city “It will probably make the appropriate arrangements” for the care of relatives of the victims.

Beijing Changfeng Hospital in Western metropolitan area areaabout 25 minutes car from Tiananmen Square.

Deadly fires common in Because of China’s weakness safety Standards and lax implementation.

ten people He died in Fire in a residential building in Northwest Xinjiang in November, sparking protests against Blame the COVID-19 lockdowns for hampering rescue efforts.

and 38 people were killed in a fire in the factory in central china, also in November, with The authorities blame the workers for Illegal welding.

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