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FIFA Confirms Participation of 9 Clubs in the 2025 World Cup, Including 3 Arab Clubs

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FIFA has announced the confirmation of the participation of 9 clubs in the 2025 World Cup under a new system of 32 teams from all continents of the world.

The matches of the new version of the Club World Cup will be held in June 2025 with the participation of 32 teams from all continents, 12 from Europe, 6 from South America, 4 clubs from Africa, 4 from Asia, 4 from North America. and one club from Oceania, as well as another representing the host country.

And FIFA, through an official statement, confirmed that the qualification system for the 2025 Club World Cup will be based on continents with more than 4 places (Europe and South America) from which the Champions League champion will grow. four editions from 2021 to 2024, as well as additional teams, are determined by the club’s classification for the same period, according to the Confederation.

As for the continents from which 4 clubs qualify, such as Africa and Asia, the Champions League champions will advance to the last four editions of the 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 Champions League.

FIFA has confirmed that the continents from which one team qualifies, such as Oceania, are selected by club classification for a four-year period from 2021 to 2024.

Regarding the host country representative, FIFA has indicated that the host club’s qualification criteria for the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup will be set at a later stage.

FIFA announced on its official website that the officially qualified clubs are:

Al-Ahly from Egypt is African Champion 2021

Moroccan Widad – African Champion 2022

Al Hilal Saudi Arabia – Champion of Asia 2021

English Chelsea – European Champion 2021

Spanish Real Madrid are the 2022 European Champions

Brazilian Palmeiras is the 2021 South American Champion

Brazilian Flamengo – South American Champion 2022

Mexican Monterrey – 2021 North American Champion

American Seattle Sounders 2022 North American Champion

While Auckland City, the 2022 Oceanian champion, has the option to participate according to its future performance.

Source: agencies

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