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Fight Crab 2: The Ultimate Crustacean Combat Game | Early Access on Steam | Playism

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Introducing Fight Crab 2: The Ultimate Crustacean Combat Game

About Fight Crab 2

Publisher PLAYISM and developer Calappa Games are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated sequel to Fight Crab – Fight Crab 2! This action-packed crustacean combat game will be available for PC users in Early Access on Steam this winter. The game will support multiple languages including English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

In Fight Crab 2, players engage in intense wrestling matches with one goal in mind – to flip their opponents on their backs. Battle it out with other players from around the world in online multiplayer matches using the crabs you’ve raised in the brand new Career Mode. Gain the upper hand using the “Modern” control option, which offers a more familiar third-person action game experience. Live commentary during matches keeps players engaged and ready for the next flip. Crabs can also learn skills to perform actions automatically, making Fight Crab 2 easy to learn and play.

The World of Fight Crab

Set in a distant land, Fight Crab is the ultimate form of entertainment – a combat sport where crustaceans battle it out to determine the fastest flipper and the reigning champion. Crabs in this game are immortal gladiators, undying warriors that can withstand any amount of damage. The countdown only starts when a crab’s back touches the ground, and it’s knocked out once the three counts are over. Step into the world of Fight Crab and combine the fearsome body of a crab with the limitless wit of a human. Use weapons, spells, and skills to create your own unique fighting style and rise to the top!

Play Career Mode by Yourself

Embark on a thrilling journey in Career Mode as you raise your crab and climb to the top of the Crab League. Customize your crab with various skills and weapons, and improve your stats as you progress through your crab’s career. Win Ranked Matches to climb the rankings, face off against formidable opponents in Exhibitions, or fight evil crabs in Event Battles to earn recognition. Once you’ve raised a crab, you can take them into online matches against other players or pass down their skills to a new crab starting their own career.

…Or Play Multiplayer with Friends!

Challenge players from all over the world in thrilling one-on-one matches. Choose between Ranked or Casual Matches and gather with up to four other players in custom rooms. Set your own house rules for an even more personalized experience!

The Meat of the Crab

  • Humans – You play as a human in this game, controlling a crab to unleash powerful attacks, pick up and throw weapons, or take advantage of stage gimmicks. In team battles, even if your crab is knocked out, you can continue fighting by mounting your teammate’s crab! Customize your appearance in-game or connect to VRoid Hub to change your avatar.
  • Weapons – Crabs can wield a range of weapons, from knives and chainsaws to motorcycles and powerful tools like drills and jet boosters. You’ll even find fantastical weapons like the Excalibur or Nimbus.
  • Spells – Take advantage of your Crab Gauge, which fills up as you take damage, to activate spells. Summon weapons or obstacles, shoot beams from your eyes, or use other spells to gain the upper hand.
  • Skills – Choose from over 40 different skills to customize your crab. Automatic Skills enhance your crab’s movement, Visualize Skills provide additional HUD information, and Hyper Skills unleash incredible ultimate moves.

Word from the Developer

Hi, I’m Nusso, the developer behind Fight Crab 2. I’ve been creating crab-related games for the past six years, and I’m excited to bring even more players into the world of my crabs! I’ve improved the physics-based flip mechanics, streamlined the controls, and added more strategic options, customization, and replayability to provide an enhanced gaming experience. Fight Crab 2 also introduces humans to the world, and they invite you to join them in the fight!

Playable Demo at PAX West 2023!

Join us at PAX West 2023 from September 1st to 4th at the PLAYISM booth in Seattle. Be the first to experience the thrilling world of Fight Crab 2 with our playable demo. As a bonus, visitors who try out the demo will receive a paper fan featuring an original design!

Announcement Trailer

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