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Fighting for Bakhmut Continues as Ukraine Faces Central Russian Air Attacks

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Ukraine is bent on fight for besieged east city of Bakhmut, President Volodymyr Zelensky office said the two, dismissing the reports of Withdrawal and partial disagreement over they plans.

The city has run amok over for Months and if Russia dominates, then some military Analysts say a path to major cities of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk will open up for Moscow forces. They will then be closer to complete Invade of Donetsk region.

However, other experts say that the blockade of Cities are now impossible after the Kremlin forces have been driven out of Kharkiv region to north – This value of Bakhmut would only be a symbolic morale boost for Russians.

Zelensky said this in a meeting of summit military Officials, the commander asked of Regional assembly and leader of Ukraine in president how They suggested moving on.

“The generals responded not by withdrawing, but by strengthening (our defences),” he said. in his nocturnal speech.

“The leadership unanimously supported this position. There were no other positions. I told the commander in Head to find the right troops to help our guys in Bakhmut”.

Zelensky held a meeting with Leader in Chairman Valerii Zaluzhny and head of Ukrainian Ground Forces Oleksandr Sersky amid reports of disagreement about way forward.

According to the Russian military Bloggers, Wagner’s mercenaries have taken parts of Eastern, southern and northern Bakhmut that had population of 74,000 before the war but inhabited now just 5,000 civilians in the rubble.

in its status report on Monday, Ukrainian general Staff reported fighting going on in the area It has not been verified confirmation of to retreat.

the destroyed The town itself, as well as several suburbs, was bombed by the Russians side.

Russia also Other areas attacked of Ukraine air Ukrainian officials said during the night, with 13 of 15 drones were launched down.

“I’ve taken drones off From north, said the spokesman for the ukrainian air force yuriy ehnat on the television.

Kramatorsk, a city in Donetsk regionstill under full Ukrainian control was in particular hit.

Overnight missile attacks destroyed school and damaged 15 residential buildings. city wrote Mayor Oleksandr Goncharenko on Facebook, adding that no one killed or wounded.

Ukraine leaders also reaction with horror to a video clip of Alleged shooting of a prisoner of Russian war soldiers.

War crimes sow in Russia ” head of The chief office wrote Andrei Yermak on cable on Monday. was an example of Said the weakness of the Russians.

“For both of them of These war crimes, there will be punishment. no one Can escape Zelensky’s close friend said.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told reporters he was shocked after seeing the video.

The Ukrainian parliament’s human rights commissioner, Dmytro Lubinets, described the alleged shooting as “expression of meanness and meanness.”

the killing of Prisoners violate of He emphasized the Geneva Conventions. He has submitted the video to his site international colleagues as evidence of Another war crime from Russia “.

originality of The video could not be independently verified.

Video posted by various media outlets such as the Internet portal Ukraineska Pravda. There is a man in The Ukrainian outfit yells “Glory to Ukraine” and is then presumed dead with several shots.

Videos appeared in the pastwhich was difficult to verify, of Ukrainian soldiers Shooting Russian prisoners. Moscow also They criticized these as war crimes.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the occupied Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which was almost complete destroyed by Russian bombing last year.

Shoigu checked a file work of construction kits in Mariupol during his tour of Eastern Donetsk region, said the Ministry of Defense.

In a video released by the Ministry, Shoigu can be seen in newly built military hospital f in Before of civil defense building.

He was also He said he received update on Building of Water pipeline from southern Russia region of Rostov to Donetsk.

There has been growing criticism of these in Cost of the war in Moscow was just running it from their offices and didn’t care about the concerns of the soldiers and the local population from which Russia claims to be liberated Kyiv.

Moscow said over the weekend that Shoigu had made visits to front-line areas in Donetsk. A silent videotape showed him at the president’s side of general Staff and commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, Valery Gerasimov, as well as his deputy Sergey Surovkin.

has not been possible to check how He was close to Shoigu to fight.

The visit came amid reports of Continuing disputes between mercenaries force Wagner and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

There have been reports on Monday of An alleged threat by Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin to withdraw his unit from combat in Before of Thus, Bakhmut provokes collapse of the introduction. However, it has been suggested that these are likely to be older statements by the oligarch.

It is said that the threat was made on high of The conflict a few weeks ago, when the mercenaries complained about the insufficient supply of ammunition from the Ministry.

Prigozhin confirmed on monday however, on His Telegram press service, that the dispute is continuing.

His representative refused access to general Work crew on he said Monday morning. However, he did not speak of withdraw its units. “We will continue destroy “Ukrainian forces are in Bakhmut,” he added.

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