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Forest Fires in Eastern Siberia Claim Lives of Over 20 People in Russia Region

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the death outcome of forest fires in The size of Russia has increased to at least 21, according to media reports.

over 40 homes in Siberian region of Come to Kurgan destroyed Because of the fires several villages had to be evacuated. 21 at least people killed and 14 more Wounded, Russian state news It was reported by TASS agency, citing a health worker.

“the death It could even be a toll rise”, the worker told TASS.

In the Tyumen regionand also in Siberia, a man died on Monday while trying fight Approaching fire.

according to official Figures, it was at least 20 homes destroyed In flames, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

Russia has faced Increased ferocity of forests and forest fires during the summer fire season.

Experts warned for Years that climate change will exacerbate such disasters.

last year it was there also Sporadic reports that there is a shortage of rescue workers in some forest fire regions due to of the number of people is sent to fight in Russia invasion of Ukraine.

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