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French Senate Passes Pension Bill Despite Public Pushback

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A controversial bill that would raise the retirement age in France 62-64 got a boost forward with Senate approval of This action takes place amid strikes, protests and piles of uncollected rubbish higher per day.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne tweeted late Saturday after 195-112 vote that look forward to the bill’s final paragraph, praising the “decisive step towards reform that will ensure future of we retired system.

But the legislation must now move Through a difficult political area with Many possible outcomes.

preside over first to a commission of Seven lower house senators and seven lower house legislators to find a compromise between the two House versions of Text on Wednesday – when the eighth unions planned round of Protest marches nationwide.

President Emmanuel Macron is not afraid of the piling up of rubbish up in Paris and other cities of garbage workers opposing the bill’s strike reduced Services and supplies in other sectors like transportation and energy.

Macron rejected the request of unions to meet with Him, a lefty CGT union Chief Felipe Martinez said it amounted to “giving the finger”.

he was not there government In response to a union to request for “Citizens Consultation” on legislation, made Saturday after a new day of rallies that drew a much smaller number of people In the streets of the protest marches four days ago.

Senate President Gerard Larcher expressed his pride in the job of for him colleagues after vote – The day before the deadline – saying body controls it conservative I played it right role “with Just one Objectivity whatever our feelings, interest of country and interest of French people. “

Unions maintain the French ones people Vote their opposition to reform in On the streets and through strikes, though reduced in some sectors.

the government meditate on avoid using a special constitutional power to force through the invoice parliament without a vote. Parliamentary approval give A great deal of legitimacy to pension Plan.

But there are multiple scenarios before the reform becomes law, which makes it law path Uncertain.

If the mixed committee reaches an agreement Wednesday, the pension The reform plan will get a final vote The next day in Senate and National Assembly, lower house.

Without an agreement, the bill is likely to go back to the National Assembly for more discussion and a final votethen probably back to the Senate. Bourne, L.; prime ministerHe was optimistic that the measure would be “definitively adopted.” in Coming days.”

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