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G Dragon’s Latest NFT Collection Quickly Sells Out Within Hours of Release

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K-pop artist G-Dragon recently launched an NFT collection thanks to the collaboration with Fandom Studios and the BNB Chain.

G Dragon’s NFT Collection

NFT continues to gain requests and endorsements from many celebrities. One of the latest It is G Dragon, whose NFT pool has been sold out out soon After he started selling.

Pop artist Kwon Ji-yong (G-Dragon), based in South Korea recently launched an NFT collection called PEACEMINUSONE NFT Collection Archive 2016. It was the love affair between G Dragon and NFT first Mention this early year.

On February 17, the South Korean artist entered into a partnership with BNB Chain and Fandom Studios in a mission To create PEACEMINUSONE NFT 2016 collection archive. At this point, NFT development He was in early stages.

Later, on March 21, K-pop singer announced A will be released new NFT collection on March 22nd. sale for NFT collection started and finished on March 22nd.

G-Dragon designed a panel called Archive 2016, representing Identity of PEACEMINUSONE, K-pop star brand. This painting is for her key items of The rapper’s life and career growth. NFTs in The group consists of small Puzzle pieces of The drawing.

First came the NFT group with a floor price of just About $0.27 billion, which is about $88. This group was made of about 13444 unique digital collectibles.

reduction of These NFTs have been closed as soon Since all the pieces have been purchased in Just a few hours. NFTs are valued at just About 0.25 BNB, a bit drop from the sale price.

Later in In early April, G Dragon entered into another collaboration with Nike, a fashion brand creating Some lines of sports shoes.

This collaboration also Kondo gave birth to “Gift”. eventin which NFT holders and win Husband of Sports shoes made by Nike.

“We are thrilled to have Fandom Studio and PEACEMINUSONE join BNB series community And be a part of Such an interactive approach to NFTs…we can’t wait to see the community’s engagement with the group.”

alvin was, director of growth in the BNB chain.

sharing of musicians in NFT space Not surprising, given the benefits some have amassed from the industry.

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