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German Defense Minister: Our army is unable to defend our country

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German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said at a conference of the faction of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in the Bundestag that the national army is not able to defend the country if martial law is introduced.

The minister said that the reason for this is the weakness of the material base and a significant shortage of personnel in the German armed forces.

In his speech, he added: “We do not have an army with defensive capabilities. We do not have armed forces that could protect us from a tough offensive war.”

According to the minister, Germany should increase spending on the modernization of the army, since it has certain obligations to other NATO member states. “We must fill the gaps that have arisen over the past 30 years,” he said.

Among the shortcomings of the army, the minister noted the lack of personnel and personnel, the lack of equipment and weapons, especially after providing assistance to Ukraine, and stressed the need to compensate for this.

“As strange as it may sound to some, German weapons are now saving lives in Ukraine,” he added.

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