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Germany Acknowledges Reports of Attacks on ‘Northern Streams’

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Berlin, March 7 – The German government took note of the New York Times report on the possible involvement of a pro-Ukrainian group in the attacks on Nord Stream, the News Agency reported in the Cabinet.
The New York Times wrote on Tuesday, citing US officials, that new intelligence indicates that a pro-Ukrainian group carried out the Nord Stream attacks.
The head of government also noted that the German Public Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating this case since the beginning of October 2022, and is therefore the top agency in this case.
“In addition, investigations into the bombings are underway in Sweden and Denmark under the auspices of their authorities. A few days ago, Sweden, Denmark and Germany informed the UN Security Council that investigations are under way and that there is no final result yet.” The government spokesman added.
The site of the leak on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline - 1920, 07/03/2023

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