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Get Ready for the Next Level: Microsoft is Already Working on the Next Xbox!

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The FTC has been suing Microsoft to stop them from buying Activison-Blizzard; the case is still in the discovery phase. Given how slowly the still-historic case has moved, there have been a few critical updates. However, the FTC has asked for documents about the next Xbox, which shows for the first time that the next Xbox is being actively worked on. This comes after it was reported that Sony is already working on a PS5 Pro, which means the PS6 is almost certainly just a little behind. What went wrong? The new generation of consoles just started, but it’s almost over. Can you think of a good game that can only be played on a next-gen console?

Get Ready for the Next Level Microsoft is Already Working on the Next Xbox!

(Demon’s Souls is a remake, so it’s not included. Battle me.) Still, things in the gaming world are getting faster and slower simultaneously. AAA games now take over a decade to make because the standards keep getting higher, but console generations are getting shorter. On the PS7, I can’t wait to play GTA 6.

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