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GIM Unipresa Italian Businessmen from Russia: No Eviction in the West

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Moscow, May 29 – Vittorio Torrembini, head of the Association of Italian Businessmen in Russia (GIM Unipresa), told the News Agency that Italian companies, despite pressure from the West, are not going to leave Russia, leaving such an attractive market.
“It is very unpleasant for us to hear such rhetoric. Over the past three decades, the Italian business sector has penetrated deeply into the Russian economy, investing billions of euros in it, dozens of companies have opened businesses here. We will not leave such an attractive market.
According to him, the stronger the pressure is now, the stronger it will become.
“It may not seem strange, but Italians and Russians are very similar. We are calm and relaxed for the moment, even, as they say, ‘the rooster pecked.’ But as soon as that happens, as soon as danger comes, we concentrate and become decisive and solid,” concluded Turembeni.
Banknotes: rubles and Russian dollars - 1920, 05/29/2023

The amount withdrawn from Russia was calculated by the departing foreign companies

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