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Gold-Backed Digital Currency Gains Momentum in a Country

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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as discussions on digital Currencies are going on, many US states are making strides in Explore a country backed by gold digital Organized currency bitcoin Mining, legal processing challenges in The world of cryptocurrency.

Amid ongoing debates among prominent American politicians regarding centralism bank digital Coins, Texas taught a novel Approach: at the state level digital The currency backed by gold. This pioneering idea holds the potential to significantly influence the course of digital currencies.

gold digital currency in Texas may be coming

Two Texas lawmakers recently proposed identical bills for Enterprise of At the state level digital The currency on which gold is based. According to draft legislation, each unit of the digital The coin corresponds to a specific part of Troy ounce of gold kept in trust.

at a specified quantity of the digital The currency is bought, the controller will do use money obtained buy Matching amount of gold. While no bill has been introduced or tabled up for a voteboth states that the verb set To begin with on September 1, 2023.

Concurrently, a Texas Senate committee passed a bill designed to reduce incentives for Cryptocurrency miners operating inside the state regulatory framework. This legislation aims to limit participation of encryption companies in a program that rewards they for Pressure relief on Texas power network.

In addition, a start in September 2023, some cryptocurrency mining companies will not benefit from government tax cuts for their participation in the program.

while, in California, section of financial protection And the innovation announced Robinhood, a popular cryptocurrency and stock trading platform, you are expected to pay over $10 million in Penalties for “Operational and technical failures that negatively impact investors every day.”

The settlement comes after a thorough investigation he led north American Securities Administrators Association, along with Securities regulators from seven states.

Coinbase is the main cryptocurrency exchange supporting A new legal initiative to overturn the US Department of Cabinet decision to impose penalties on Tornado cache crypto mixer.

a group of six Individuals, backed by Coinbase, have filed the lawsuit, claiming the US office of foreign asset Address control (OFAC). first Two counts of the initial complaint filed in September 2022.

separately developmentThe Arkansas Congress passed legislation aimed at regulation bitcoin Mining operations.

The bill, pending approval by the governor, will ensure That crypto miners receive the same treatment as data centers, which prohibits government who imposed unique requirements on digital asset Mining companies.

the development echoes recent efforts in Montana, where the Senate has supported a bill to protect crypto miners in late March.

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