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Goldman Sachs Alerts of AI Risk

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Moscow, March 29 – Artificial intelligence and services and applications based on it could put 300 million people out of work worldwide, according to CNBC, citing a report from Goldman Sachs.
Sophie Kinderlin, a columnist for the publication, confirmed that about the same number of people around the world are at risk of losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence. For example, in the United States and Europe, two-thirds of jobs can be partially or fully automated.
Occupations least at risk include physically demanding occupations, as well as building maintenance and cleaning services. The professions most at risk of automation are those related to accounting, administrative and clerical work.
However, this process may manifest itself in different ways depending on the degree of development in one country.
It is seen that technological progress not only makes some professions and jobs unnecessary but also creates new ones. In addition, the bank said that the use of artificial intelligence can lead to a 7% increase in global GDP and increase labor productivity growth.
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