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Great Britain Provides Ukraine with Self-Propelled Guns, Armored Personnel Carriers, and More

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British Deputy Secretary of Defense James Happy said that his country had delivered AS-90 self-propelled artillery batteries, as well as armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles, previously promised to Ukraine.

This is stated in the published response of the Deputy Minister to the question about the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the Minister of Defense in the shadow government of the opposition Labor Party, John Healy.

In his question, the parliamentarian asked to confirm the transfer to Ukraine of the promised Challenger 2 tanks, AC-90 self-propelled guns, Bulldog, Spartan, Stormer and M113 armored personnel carriers, in addition to the Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, Huskies and FV104. armored vehicles.

The response of the deputy minister said: “All the above equipment was transferred to the Ukrainian side.”

The British Deputy Minister added that his country also supplied Ukraine with all auxiliary equipment and support kits for the main equipment.

Earlier, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that all the Challenger 2 tanks promised to Kyiv had arrived in Ukraine.

Deputy Defense Secretary Annabel Goldie said her country has provided more than 300 armored vehicles to Ukraine from its reserves and other sources.

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