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Greek Court Clears Far-Right Lawmakers of Charges Related to Racial Violence

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three former Lawmakers from the far-right Golden Dawn party in Greece party They are acquitted of Incitement to racial violence ex made by a court in Athens.

the decision acquittal former Representatives Nikos Michaloliakos, Ilias Kasidiaris and Panagiotis Iliopoulos were transferred with Prosecutor’s suggestion that even if the controversial phrases “Turkish agents” and “Turkish conscience” were said to Turkish Muslim deputies in He pointed out that it does not fall under the racist discourse because it does not contain statements that incite violence, the Ponteke daily noted.

At trial, Kasidiaris said he never referred to ethnicity or national consciousness while Eliopoulos and Michalokos said they did not even show up for the meeting of Parliamentary committee during which such words were said.

the decision Sympathizers welcomed of deputies who Trial followed in court.

Golden Dawn is formed in 1980, but he was not registered as a politician party until 1993.

Her political breakthrough came in 2012 elections where it got 6.92% of the votemaking her the fifth most powerful politician in Greece group and enable him to enter parliament for the first time.

He. She won Three seats in European Parliament after winning 9.4% of the vote in European elections 2014.

His downfall began in 2019 when he was unable to win No seats, leave them out of parliament.

In 2020, it was banned by the Supreme Court of Greece as “criminal organization. “

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