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Guardiola makes exciting announcement ahead of Nottingham Forest’s Premier League game.

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola made some disturbing remarks ahead of the Premier League game against Nottingham Forest.

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 17:00 Cairo local time, Nottingham Forest will host their colleague Manchester City at the City Ground stadium.

Guardiola makes exciting announcement ahead of Nottingham Forest’s Premier League game.

“I’m very happy, but I want more,” Guardiola said at a press conference. “I still have the feeling that Kevin De Bruyne can do more and Jack Grealish can do more.”

And he continued: “I know what is required of us until the end of the season against strong and aggressive opponents. We need players who feel like we can play better.”

And he added: “Playing well or badly is not the most important thing in a long season, especially when you are trying to win titles. It is impossible to maintain the quality of the game every week when you play three times a week.

He continued: “We are in a position that I could have dreamed of at the beginning of the season. I did not expect that we would score so many points ahead after two wins in a row, it is almost impossible.”

As for the secret to winning titles in 13 seasons as a coach, he replied: “I don’t know. It is clear that at the big clubs I have played for, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City, you are more likely to win titles because you have exceptional players. I also have good staff who help me a lot. I had many assistant managers, not the same person all the time, and they all contributed to this success.”

And about the fight at the highest level with Arsenal, he said: “Arsenal have an easy game in hand, and we will play Nottingham Forest, so there is nothing to change.”

He concluded: “We have to be mentally prepared to play against a team that has only lost one match between the last 6 matches. They play at home with their fans and I have a lot of respect for their coach for what he has done this season.

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