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Guardiola’s Fiery Statement Reduces City and Surprises Real Madrid!

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Pep Guardiola, head coach of Manchester City, spoke about his team’s 1-1 draw with Real Madrid in the semi-final match of the first leg of the Champions League.

The second leg between the two teams is scheduled for May 14 at the Etihad Stadium, the English club’s home stadium.

Guardiola surprised Real Madrid with a fiery statement and reduced City!

Guardiola said of Beza in a press statement after the meeting: “It requires a lot. They are very good and have a lot of experience, but we are the same.”

He continued by saying: “Everyone expected Man City to be destroyed! from all of us? Do you know who we’re playing with? Do you know how many Champions League titles they have? It’s not my fault that you thought we’d win 6-0.”

And he continued: “We will try to correct something so that the match is more flexible, and to play a little more rhythm.”

Guardiola concluded: “When we were better, they scored. When they got better, we recorded.”

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