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Guide for Using an Electric Car in Hot Weather: Expert Advice

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Moscow, May 20 – An electric car should not be left in the heat in the sun, and it is better to choose night time for charging, Sergey Shadrin, an expert at the Autonet NTI Center for Infrastructure in Moscow Poly, told the News Agency.
“In abnormal temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius, it is best not to leave an electric vehicle in the open sun, just as not to use charging at this point in time. When driving in ambient temperatures of more than 30-35 degrees Celsius, a decrease occurs A slight power reserve will occur. It is better to charge an electric vehicle in the hot season at night, and store it in a covered, well-ventilated parking lot, “said Shadrin.
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The operation of electric vehicles in the hot season is related to the operating characteristics of traction batteries (TAB). According to the expert, the operating temperature range for TAB is at the upper limit, depending on the type of battery, from 40 to 50 degrees, after which the deterioration of battery properties begins, a decrease in its service life and an increase in overheating up to ignition.
To maintain an operating temperature regime, electric vehicles are equipped with temperature control systems that heat and cool the battery cells depending on the ambient temperature and operating conditions. Shadrin explained that the climate control system uses the energy of the traction battery itself, so its operation reduces the potential energy reserve.
Shadrin concluded that from the point of view of year-round use of the electric vehicle, storage in a heated underground parking lot, which is warm in winter and cool in summer, is optimal.
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