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Hersh: Bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline could lead to the collapse of NATO

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American journalist Seymour Hersh pointed out that the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline could lead to the dissolution of NATO in the near future.

Hersh explained in an interview with the Canadian Western Standard website that sabotaging the Nord Stream gas pipeline would have dire consequences and the opposite of US President Joe Biden’s desire to keep NATO united and cohesive, and he wondered which country would be the first to leave the alliance.

Hirsch once again noted that the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was carried out with the knowledge of US President Joe Biden.

Hirsch added: “Baden made a big mistake by ordering the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, and in doing so started something he had no idea about.”

On February 8, prominent American journalist Seymour Hersh published a journalistic investigation into the incident with the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline that occurred on September 26, 2022, based on intelligence information that he said he received from one of those who were directly involved in the preparations for bombardment.

In his investigation, Hersh pointed out that explosive devices were planted under the Nord Stream pipelines by the United States of America under the cover of the BALTOPS military exercises with the support of Norwegian specialists, who detonated them 3 months later.

Hersh noted that US President Joe Biden made the decision to carry out the operation after 9 months of discussions with national security officials in his administration.

For its part, the White House vehemently denied the veracity of the information contained in the investigation, with US National Security Council spokesman Adrian Watson stating: “This information is ‘a fabricated and mythical lie.’

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