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Hersh: Norway’s collusion with Washington has a long history dating back to the Vietnam War

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American journalist Seymour Hersh has confirmed that Washington and Norway have been conducting joint covert operations at sea since at least the Vietnam War, and that the Norwegian navy has a mysterious history of cooperation with American intelligence.

This is stated in an article by American journalist Seymour Hersh, published today, Wednesday, on the Substack platform.

In his article, the author asked the question “Why was there so much planning and preparation” for the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, in which he accused the United States “in Norway.”

And he added: “The answer is simple. The Norwegian Navy has a long and controversial history of cooperation with US intelligence. 5 months ago, this collective action, about which we still know very little, led to sabotage on two gas pipelines. at the behest of President (Joe) Biden, and it will continue.” Its effects on the international arena are being felt.”

He added: “Six decades ago, as the history of the time attests, a small group of Norwegian sailors took part in a presidential stunt that became a major bloody event in the early stages of the Vietnam War.”

An American journalist cites evidence that by 1964, at least two Norwegian sailors confessed to complicity in secret operations organized by the CIA.

To this, he claims, Norway sold 6 combat boats to the United States that same year, which were delivered to the US Navy air base in Da Nang, where Norwegian sailors also arrived, ostensibly to train American and Vietnamese military operations. drive these boats. And later – according to Hirsch – they got involved in battles, and Norway sold an additional 18 of these boats to the United States, 6 of which were destroyed during the work.

Source: TASS

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