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Honduras to Build Diplomatic Ties with China

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Honduran President Chiomara Castro has said she wants to establish official diplomatic relations with China, which will end its official relations with the island of Taiwan.

Castro tweeted that she had instructed her foreign minister, Eduardo Reina, to “take charge of establishing official relations with the People’s Republic of China,” adding that “the move is a sign of her determination to fulfill the government’s plan and freely expand borders.”

Commenting on the statement by the President of Honduras, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said it asked Honduras not to make the wrong decision to establish official relations with China.

Castro’s decision comes weeks after her government announced it was in talks with China to build a hydroelectric dam called Batoka 2.

It is worth noting that in Central America, Nicaragua severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 2021, and if Honduras takes the same step after establishing relations with Beijing, then only the states of Belize and Guatemala will remain, which will officially recognize Taiwan in this region.

Thus, Taiwan will still have 13 official diplomatic allies around the world, compared to 22 when Tsai Ing-wen became President of Taiwan.

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