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Imam Ashur sends a message of love to Zamalek and fans

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Player Imam Ashur posted a message via his official Twitter account in which he commented on his joining the Danish club Mätjeland and also thanked Zamalek’s fans.

Where Imam Ashur joined Danish club Mittelland on a winter transfer last January from Egypt Zamalek.

Imam Ashur sends a message of love to Zamalek and fans

And the player wrote on his Twitter account: “I am proud to have joined Danish Mittelland and become part of this beautiful family.”

And she sent a message of love to Zamalek and his fans: “I can’t forget the role that Zamalek and his fans have played in the development of my career and their continued support.”

Imam Ashur concluded: “I can’t wait to play my first match with the team and see the Mittelland fans, see you soon.”

Where the player Zamalek, who recently joined the Danish team, joined his new team’s camp in Portugal in preparation for the Europa League match against Sporting Lisbon.

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