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In Egypt, a state of alarm prevails, fearing the spread of the Marburg virus, although the infection has not yet been recorded.

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There was a state of alarm in Egypt, fearing the spread of a strange virus called “Marburg”, as Islam Annan, a professor of epidemiology and health economics in Egypt, said that the “Marburg” virus is old and appeared in 1967.

He added during televised statements that there is no cure or vaccine yet for the virus, as treatment has been limited to the symptoms of the infection, noting that the virus has a death rate as high as 80%, with deaths as high as 88% of infections in some waves.

He pointed out that the average number of HIV cases per year is very low and that the North African region, including Egypt, has not had a single case of infection since 1967.

He continued: “Wearing a mask and isolation is one of the most important means of preventing infection with any virus, including Marburg,” calling for fewer hugs and kisses.

And he continued: “A mother who feels any symptoms of the disease on her child should not send him to school,” stressing that no cases of infection with the virus have been recorded in Egypt.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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