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In Kherson, the car of a resident of the city was seized by the Ukrainian military

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Genchesky (Kherson region), February 19 – Ukrainian soldiers seized the car of a resident of Kherson, simulating his abduction, a source familiar with the situation told the News Agency.
“According to a source in the Ukrainian National Police, yesterday a statement was received from a resident of Kherson, Sergey Vladimirovich N., born in 1990, about the disappearance of the Wolksvagen Transporter. He was stopped in the village of Vysuntsy by people in military uniform, armed, numbering four, the victim said. People after stopping, demanded to show documents, after which they put a black hat on his head and took him away in a military pickup truck in an unknown direction, said the agency’s interlocutor.
After some time, according to the victim, the militants dropped him off the highway, and he returned to the village on foot, but did not find his car in the same place.

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