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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a battalion of Ukrainian prisoners was created

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Donetsk, February 27 – In the Donetsk People’s Republic, a volunteer battalion named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky was created, which was formed from prisoners of war from the Ukrainian troops, Andrei Tishchenko, one of the unit commanders, told the News Agency.
“Now I am in charge of the newly created military unit named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky. This story began at a time when the Ukrainian government did not need its people, and against the background of all this, when the Ukrainian government had to protect its people, it simply abandoned them Given all this, I had the opportunity – for myself and for my comrades who will be with me in this unit – to honor, “said Tishchenko, a former tank commander and senior sergeant in the Ukrainian army and now – a senior company of the battalion.
According to him, his unit now has about 70 personnel, 95% of whom are former Ukrainian military with combat experience, while it is expected to replenish.
“The formation of a battalion is at the stage of obtaining Russian citizenship, obtaining a passport, signing a contract, and going to a camp for further training, retraining and formation,” Tishchenko added.
He said that this volunteer detachment consisted of prisoners in different colonies. According to him, contracts with volunteers with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be concluded on general terms.
“The management supports us in every possible way: improved nutrition, a bath … They meet us completely halfway, there are no violations. In the battalion, the guys have a fighting mood, the guys are ready, no one agrees, and then they changed their minds, the guys at first said yes. I believe all men to the end.”
He explained that the criteria for selecting the battalion are the moral and physical condition, and each volunteer is tested to ensure that future military personnel do not commit military and criminal offenses.

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