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India Advances its Unmanned Submarine Capabilities with Next-Generation Development

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Warren Henry
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Naval News has announced that the Indian Ministry of Defense is working on a new project to develop large multipurpose unmanned submarines.

A statement on the website states: “The Indian Ministry of Defense has started a project to design and develop the XLUUV, a large multipurpose march submarine, and the Indian Navy is interested in receiving 12 new submarines of this type after these submarines pass the necessary tests.”

According to information provided by the Indian military administration, “each XLUUV will be 50 meters long, about 5 meters wide and weigh 300 tons.”

A statement released by India’s Ministry of Defense stated: “Locally produced XLUUV submarines are designed as multi-purpose and perform reconnaissance, detection, anti-ship and anti-submarine missions, and mine action.”

The new submarines are supposed to be able to carry 10 tons of various weapons, and have the possibility of equipping them with two platforms for launching 533 mm torpedoes, and they will also be equipped with technologies that allow them to communicate with satellites, ships, submarines and naval bases, and they will be equipped with advanced sonar systems, photoelectric and infrared cameras, infrared, and he will be able to move freely under water at a speed of 8 knots.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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