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Indian Kashmir: Gold in Exchange for Plastic Waste

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plastic is new gold. At least it might be lead To gold in the name of Farouk Ahmed Al-Janai in India administered Kashmir program where people can bring in plastic trash in exchange for gold.

last yearfriend of 51-year- My old Qani complained to him of hemorrhoids of False rubbish in Ganai village, offended and hurt. deep downhe wanted To bring about change where he held office of village heador sarpanch in for him home village of Sdewara in Heller Shahabad massif of Anantnag district in southern Kashmir.

Ganai – a lawyer from profession – formulated a project Where he will present a gold coin for Plastic and polythene waste collection.

Release campaign with The slogan “Give plastic, take gold” to counter with the challenges in Solid waste management. In the campaignHe was joined by volunteers from the sanitation department, senior citizens and members of Youth clubs and some employees from other departments. the campaign It is officially approved by the district administration of production on Jan 7th.

Under the scheme, anyone who collects 20 quintals (2,000 kg) of The plastic waste from the village will get a 10 gram gold coin. there also smaller reward of 5 gram coin for 10 quintals. to me rewardThe village management has started to collect user fees of 30 rupees ($0.37) from about 400 families in the village.

Ganai said since the launch of the campaign heaps of Waste plastic and polythene were collected in His village was resounding success because people Gets rewards for Waste collection.

“the people need Some sort of Motivation to do some work and this plan worked very well.”

within 15 days of The campaign’s launch, said to be at least 12 spots with a area of one kilometer in His village was cleaned up. A local river, Branigam, originated centuries ago from the spring of Fattsta, Kan also cleaned.

Ganai said so in a period of Four to five months ago campaign He was released, his village is now a garbage-free zone. But he admitted that this could not be a permanent solution to reduce the use of plastic and polythene use.

Banned but still in use

Since 2006, Supreme Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh b series of orders prohibit use of Polythene single use plastic in the region. But on the ground, there has been an increase in the use of Polythene and plastic piles of waste is disposed of on On roadsides or near bodies of rivers.

according to policy issued document in 2018 by Regional and Urban Housing development Section region be born over 3000 metric tons of get lost every day, with Accounting for plastic waste for more from 40% of Rubbish, this is likely to increase if steps It is not taken to implement rules for Solid waste management in the region.

Shafakat Nazir, an advocate who He filed a petition demanding enforcement of Solid waste management rules in the regionIt is unfortunate that the authorities are obstructing implementation, according to Anadolu Agency (AA). of the rules Despite the many directives issued to them.

According to the rulesAll local municipal bodies are obliged to take appropriate action for Disposal and treatment of solid waste material in the region.

but, one of Officers from the Srinagar Municipal Corporation told AA that for the rules to be implemented there a need for manpower and infrastructure f more Landfill sites.

in Kashmir regionthere is only one Garbage in Capital city Srinagar, which has been declared a health hazard because it emits A bad Smell.

You collect trash throwing He. She in landfill site, with Most of It is not handled or disposed of properly of. will stink more And more It will seriously affect people Nazir said.

he added This number of Petitions have been brought before the courts against Municipal bodies that dump hazardous waste near water bodies.

“You need awareness and implementation of the rules on the earth. Otherwise, it is hard to change the situation.”

small steps can bring big changes

behind in His village, Ganai is looking forward to adopting a mechanism for transform Plastic and polythene waste items which can be used to beautify paths or in decorations.

“I’m thinking about this issue more Entirely. Although the group of Waste matters, we are need to separate it and make it usable in somehow or dispose of it properly.”

he also He said people need risk awareness of Litter, as this affects the environment, water bodies, forests and agriculture.

Ganai hopes so people in You will continue his village support for him in This process and others follow the chapter.

He said more More than 35 surrounding villages have begun replicating the idea.

“these small steps give I have some hope that we can do good Elena environmentIf it’s not best for He said “.

Riaz Ahmad Shah Assistant Commissioner of Anantnag, tell AA that campaign received a good response and make it workable in All villages.

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