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Inevitability of the downfall of US dominance, says Chinese newspaper

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Today, Thursday, the Chinese newspaper Global Times considered that America’s attempts to maintain its global hegemony are doomed to failure.

She added: “Whether the United States likes it or not, more and more voices are calling for a new world order. The process of abandoning the dollar has begun. Countries are paying more attention to regional multilateral cooperation. of the BRICS countries is growing, and the influence of the BRICS countries is declining.” “The Big Seven. Mechanisms such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are becoming increasingly popular. coercion of others.”

She added that the US is tightly controlling its allies, trying to contain Russia and China, engaging in economic confrontation, spreading lies and currently trying to present itself as a “gentle giant” who doesn’t want to be challenged by anyone.

At the same time, the newspaper added that “there are few countries in the world that will believe this.”

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