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Investigation Launched in Armenia Regarding Former President Sargsyan’s Dual Citizenship

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Yerevan, April 23 – The country’s National Security Service reported that the case regarding the existence of foreign citizenship by former Armenian President Armen Sargsyan before his election to this post will be handled by the Investigative Committee of Armenia.
Earlier,, an online investigative journalism outlet, alleged that Sargsyan, who was a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis, began the formal process of renouncing his citizenship in March 2018, shortly before he was elected president. In this case, according to the Armenian constitution, he cannot be elected president. On this basis, the authors of the articles believe that “all the decrees he signed, including those related to the appointment of officials, elections and even the prime minister, are illegal.”
President Vagin Khachatryan at the opening ceremony - 1920, 03.13.2022

Khachatryan takes over as President of Armenia

“The issue of foreign citizenship of former President Armen Sargsyan has been sent to the Investigative Committee of Armenia,” the National Security Service said in response to a request from Sputnik Armenia.
The Armenian parliament elected Sargsyan as the country’s president in 2018. In early 2022, he announced his resignation. As the main reason, he cited the lack of appropriate powers that do not allow the head of state to influence the basic processes of foreign and domestic policy.
Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia suggested that the National Security Service check media publications about the foreign citizenship of the former president.
Armen Sargsyan - 1920, 02.01.2022

The powers of the President of Armenia have been officially terminated

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