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Investigation underway into killing of mentally ill settler in southern Hebron by Israeli army.

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Jewish Channel 12 reported that the Israeli army was investigating a shooting incident in a mentally ill Israeli settlement near the settlement of Yattir, south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

The channel said it appeared to have shot an Israeli woman with a mental illness who wanted to commit suicide.

Israeli media have previously reported that the army neutralized a Palestinian woman at the LeCypher checkpoint south of Hebron, claiming she was trying to carry out a shelling, then revealed to be a Jewish woman who wanted to end her life.

The Israeli army said in a statement tonight that “a report was received of an attempted operation and the terrorist was neutralized,” and indicated that there were no casualties among its personnel.

The Israeli Ministry of Security said that a Palestinian woman recently arrived at the crossing zone (at a military checkpoint) and pointed a weapon at security personnel while singing “Allahu Akbar”.

She added that soldiers at the scene responded quickly and neutralized her before she could open fire, according to a statement from the ministry.

Following this, Israeli reports indicated that the victim was a Jewish woman with a mental illness and she wanted to commit suicide.

Source: rt + Hebrew media

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