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Iran and IAEA Reach Agreement on Nuclear Cooperation

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The joint statement was made following the meetings of Atomic Energy Agency director Rafael Grossi with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Eslami and Foreign Minister Hossein Abdollahian.

The statement said the meetings “focused on the importance of taking steps to promote broader cooperation to expedite the resolution of outstanding safeguards issues, and both sides believe that such positive engagement can pave the way for broader agreements among member states.”

The parties agreed that “the relationship between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran will be carried out in a spirit of cooperation, with full respect for the authority and competence of the agency, as well as the rights and obligations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and on the basis of a comprehensive safeguards agreement.”

Regarding the remaining safeguards issues related to the three sites, “Iran has indicated its readiness to continue cooperation, provide information and provide access to the sites to resolve the remaining safeguards issues,” the statement said.

The joint statement confirms that Iran “will allow the agency to voluntarily carry out further verification and monitoring measures, if necessary, and the method of their implementation will be agreed between the two parties during a technical meeting to be held shortly in Tehran.” .”

Source: RT

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