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Iranian Official Discusses Readiness for Yemen Solution and Gulf Assurances on Israeli Presence in the Region in RT Interview

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Ali Reza Enayati, Assistant Foreign Minister of Iran, said his country is ready to help and support the success of the political solution in Yemen.

Enayati added in an interview with RT’s Newsmaker that the Saudi-Iranian agreement has an impact on some variables outside the region and on what happens in the Islamic arena.
He said that cooperation with Riyadh serves regional security in its comprehensive concept for the countries of the region.
He said that relations between Tehran and Riyadh have consequences that are reflected positively in regional files.

“Our friends in Russia and China welcomed us very much in agreement with Saudi Arabia,” he added.
On the other hand, Enayati said: “We have received assurances from the Persian Gulf that the Israeli presence in the region will not pose a threat to us.”

You can watch the full release of the Newsmaker program tomorrow, Thursday, at 7 pm Meccan and Moscow time.

Source: RT

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