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Is it possible for a candidate running in the second round of elections to be a dictator? – Erdogan’s perspective.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on US President Joe Biden’s claims of calling him a “tyrant” and asked, “Can someone running in a runoff election be a dictator?”

Erdogan said in an interview with CNN International: “Can someone who goes to the second round, and not the first, be a dictator?”

He asked: “What kind of dictatorship is this? When a public coalition enters parliament with 322 deputies, and the person who heads it is the first to disband and go to the second round.”

In response to a question about whether he would work with the Biden administration if re-elected, Erdogan confirmed that he would work with the Biden administration or anyone who replaces him in the White House.

Regarding the second round of the presidential elections, the President expressed confidence that the people would demonstrate the strength of Turkish democracy.

In response to a question asked by a journalist, “You have easily won every election you have participated in over the past twenty years, and you have broken records in the elections. Elections for the first time in the history of Turkey reached the second round. How comfortable are you now?” Erdogan replied: “I believe.” My people will also demonstrate a strong Turkish democracy in the elections to be held on Sunday, May 28th. In the first round, the turnout was almost 90 percent. .

The President of Turkey noted that this level of participation is very important and less than its counterpart in the world.

CNN International is expected to release the full interview with President Erdogan on Friday.

On Sunday, May 14, presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Turkey, and the candidate from the “Public Alliance” for president Erdogan, the candidate from the “Alliance of Nations” leader of the Republican People’s Party Kamal Kılıçdaroğlu and the candidate from “Ata Alliance” (ancestors) Sinan Ogan competed in the presidential elections.

Erdogan won 49.51% of the vote, Kilichdaroglu – 44.92%, Sinan Ogan – 5.17%, and Muharram Ince (withdrew) – 0.44%.

Turkey’s High Electoral Commission has officially announced that the second round of presidential elections will take place on May 28, as no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote.

Source: Anatolia

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