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Israeli and Palestinian officials meet in Jordan over leap in Henf

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High-level Palestinian and Israeli delegations met in Jordan Sunday for A “political-security” meeting aimed at restoring calm after the latter rise in deadly Henf.

delegations met in attempt reduce Escalating tensions in the future of The holy month for Muslims of Ramadan.

Israel said prime minister’s national Security Adviser as well as the President of The Shin Bet, the internal security service, was going to attend. the head of It was expected that the Palestinian intelligence services and advisers to President Mahmoud Abbas would do so join.

Existence of Senior officials at the meeting, as well as delegations from Egypt, Jordan and the United States, stressed the risk of the crisis. He was also A rare high-level meeting between the two sides comes during a period of rising Tensions and after the Palestinians cut security coordination with Israel over violence.

Abbas office He said the Palestinians would “emphasize need To stop all unilateral Israeli actions. official He said the meeting aims to ease tensions in the future of Ramadan came after an American request.

A Palestinian confirmed attending the meeting official. Jordanian official also He said the meeting aimed to stop “unilateral Israeli measures”. build confidence f lead to more Comprehensive communication between the two sides. He said that the meeting will take place in Red Sea city of Aqaba, Jordan.

The three officials spoke on condition of Anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the meeting with the media.

Palestinians who oppose any official Engagement with Israel said it would protest the meeting, while the Islamist movement Hamas said groupany rules Gaza Strip criticized the meeting.

it’s not clear What the talks can achieve. Israel vowed to continue fighting the militants in The West Bank, where the Palestinian Authority often has little control.

Israel also led by the extreme right government with Members who oppose concessions to the Palestinians and favor building settlements on Occupied territories demanded by the Palestinians for a future state.

Last week, Israeli officials stepped forward over 7000 new Colony homes in occupied West Bank, according to activist groups who attended the planning meeting.

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians has escalated since Israel’s intervention up raids on Cities, towns and villages of the West Bank in the aftermath of a wave of floods of Palestinian attacks last spring.

The bloodshed has led to a sharp rise in this yearand with more More than 60 Palestinians were killed in West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to a tally by the Associated Press. Palestinian attacks against The Israelis killed 11 people.

Israel says The raids aim to dismantle and thwart militant networks future attacks. Palestinians say that the more entrenched Israel 55-year open occupation of They land want for a future state, as well as undermining their own security forces.

This Ramadan year coincide with Jew for a week holiday of Easter and worshipers of both religions are expected to flock to the holy sites in The Old City of Jerusalem, which is often a flashpoint for violence between the two sides.

Clashes broke out when a key Holy site in Jerusalem last year Tensions at the site helped lead to an 11-day war with Hamas activists in Gaza strip in 2021.

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