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Israel’s Chief of Staff Warns of Alarming Increase in Military Service Refusals

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On Sunday evening, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the political level about the phenomenon of widespread refusal to serve in the military.

Herzi Halevi expressed concern and concern about the phenomenon of widespread refusal to serve in the Israeli army, explaining that this phenomenon is becoming rampant.

Halevi warned Netanyahu and Gallant about the spread of this phenomenon due to the protest against judicial amendments in a way that could harm the operational effectiveness of the Israeli army.

Tonight, Israel’s Security Minister Yoav Gallant demanded a dialogue between the opposition and the coalition over the judicial amendment bills being promoted by the government coalition.

Gallant’s remarks came amid widespread calls in recent days for reservists not to report for military service in protest against the amendments, which opponents consider a coup.

The security minister said: “The situation today requires us to speak quickly. We face difficult and complex external challenges. Every demand for non-military service is detrimental to the work of the Israeli army and its ability to carry out tasks.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu touched on denial of service requests, as he explained in an interview with Israel’s Channel 14 that during the disengagement period, a denial of service request led to orders being denied.

He added: “I remember at the time of the disengagement there was a crushing attack on the idea of ​​refusal to serve, which actually did not develop and did not go anywhere, because the nationalist camp, as they called it, never thought about it.”

Netanyahu warned: “Whoever demands refusal of service on the one hand will receive it on the other hand, and then we will not be able to live.”

It is worth noting that earlier today, 37 reserve pilots out of 40 pilots in the elite Hammer Squadron unit, which is used to conduct remote air attacks, said they would not participate in the exercise that was scheduled for them next. Wednesday.

Source: “i24”

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