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IT Staff Shortage Felt by Russian Employers

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Moscow, April 12 – More than half of employers in Russia feel a shortage of personnel in the field of IT, while the most scarce skills are coding and web programming, followed by the materials of the consulting firm Yakov and Partners (partners of the former Russian division of McKinsey) and HeadHunter available to the News Agency.
“61% of employers have difficulties finding candidates with skills in digital technologies. Of these, programming and web programming (19%), digital marketing (16%) and application development (14%) are the scariest,” he says. Report. Research materials.
More than half of employers reported an increase in the search for candidates at the end of 2022, while only 6% noted a decrease. While previously the majority of job vacancies were filled in less than two months, now it takes more than three months.
It should be noted that, given the preferences of the candidates, the fastest way to find a new employee remains with a good salary offer. Three-quarters of employers who receive attractive financial compensation find suitable candidates in less than three months.
“The most difficult thing is to find experienced employees. On average, the increase in the search term for candidates with more than 6 years of experience was from 4 to 6 months … This situation inevitably leads to a decrease in the company’s productivity as a whole, ”she commented. Natalia Danina, HeadHunter’s chief labor market expert.
According to Danina, more than half of employers (84%) would prefer employees with work experience who do not have a special education over candidates with a special education but no experience. The study indicates that employees with experience in information technology, retail and finance are most often given priority. Thus, all interviewed employers in these areas are convinced that they will give preference to a candidate with work experience and without special education.
As part of the study, more than 7,000 job seekers and more than 220 employers across Russia were interviewed.

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