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Italian General Objects to Choosing Italians for F-16 Fighter Training of Kyiv Forces

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Former Italian Air Force Chief of Staff General Leonardo Tricarico said the United States’ search for Italian pilots to train Ukrainian forces in the use of F-16 fighter jets was strange.

Tricarico told La Repubblica that Italian pilots had not flown F-16s in over 11 years.

He added: “At some point we had the best coaches, but today they are spread across different departments and most of them are long retired.”

And he continued: “To determine if our pilots are qualified to train the Ukrainian armed forces to fly F-16 fighters, we will have to ask them if they want to return to service, and then test their memory on how to fly these fighters. , and only then will it become clear that they can be involved in the training of Ukrainian forces.”

He noted that the US choice of retired Italian pilots to train Ukrainian forces is strange, while all of Europe stands behind Ukraine with full readiness to provide it with all possible support.

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