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Ittihad Jeddah Faces Major Crisis Ahead of Saudi Roshan League Match against Al Tai.

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The Ittihad Jeddah team is in a major crisis ahead of the upcoming confrontation with their colleague Al Tai in the Saudi Roshan League 2022-2023.

Brigadier general close to title Saudi Professional Leaguethis season he has only one match to win and only 3 points to officially become the champion.

This match is expected to be the next one that will bring Al Ittihad team with their counterpart Al Faihaa in the Saudi League Roshan 2022-2023 matchday 29.

Jeddah League Match Date vs Al Faiha in Saudi Roshan League

The Al-Faihaa team, which is in twelfth place with 30 points, is striving to achieve a victory over Al-Amid in the next match, to move away from relegation to the championship competitions. Dory YellowThis is his only chance to survive.

The forthcoming and decisive meeting for both teams, which is scheduled for next Saturday, corresponding to May 27, will unfold on the territory of the King Salman Sports City Stadium.

The whistle will sound at the beginning of the events of the fiery confrontation between the Brigadier General and his colleague Al-Faihaa, at exactly 9 pm Al-Mukarram Cairo and Meccan time.

And in the event that Al Ittihad fails to secure a win at Al Faihaa and claim the title, he will have to wait until he faces Al Tai in the thirtieth and final round of Saudi Arabia. Liga Roshan 2022-2023.

Match date of Jeddah League vs Al Tai in Saudi Roshan League

Al Ittihad will face his colleague Al Tai in the 30th and final round of Saudi League Roshan 2022-2023 on May 31st.

The King Abdullah Sports City Stadium will host the Saudi League Roshen Final, which is scheduled for next Wednesday at 9:00 pm Cairo time.

It is worth noting that Al-Thai is in eighth position in the Saudi League standings with 34 points, while Al-Ittihad is at the top of the table with 66 points, which is far from the competition. Victory Second place by 3 points.

Al Amid could face a major crisis against Al Tayyeh as he faces a card-accumulation absence of 7 of his main players if any of them get a yellow card in Al Tayyeh. – Faiha match.

Ittihad Jeddah is in a major crisis ahead of Al Tai’s match in the Saudi Roshan League.

And in case any of Marcelo Roja, Ahmed Bamasud, Awad Al-Nashiri, Bruno Enrique, Abdel-Rahman Al-Aboud, Igor Coronado or Abdel-Razzak Hamdallah receive a yellow card, he will miss the Al-Taye match.

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