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Japan and South Korea unite to tackle global and local challenges through strengthened ties.

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leaders of South Korea and Japan agreed on Work closely to process international and regional issues during a bilateral meeting in Sol Sunday.

Unresolved historical disputes should South Korean President Yoon Sok-yul said he does not prevent the two neighbors from deepening ties, as he welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to the capital.

The United States welcomed the leaders’ pledge to enhance cooperation way To counter threats from North Korea and competition from China.

Kishida bilateral visit first By a Japanese leader to Seoul in 12 years old, Journey Yun dating made to Tokyo in March where they sought to close the chapter on Historical differences that dominated relations between Japan and South Korea for contracts.

“Cooperation and coordination between South Korea and Japan are not only necessary for the common interests of The two countries but also for world Peace and prosperity in the face of the current Intense international Yoon said in opening remarks at their meeting.

He said unresolved historical issues should not mean that no forward steps It can be taken and he wants to make relationships better than ever.

Kishida said he hopes to discuss bilateral relations as well as regional relations and global Issues like North Korea with Yoon.

He invited Yoon to the group of Seven Summit (G-7) set for later this month in Japan and for Triple Talks with United State on Sidelines.

personally will also urges for Triple Talks with China as early as this year, Kyodo reported on Friday, citing several unnamed diplomatic sources.

“We have a lot of Collaboration opportunities when it comes to addressing the threat of North Korea” and securing a free and open Japanese foreign ministry between the Indo-Pacific official He said.

the focus of The summit between the two US allies is expected to revolve around security cooperation in the face of north korea nuclear threats, with specific eye on American interests in the regionShen Wa Lee, a professor of international Relations at Korea University based in Seoul.

“they military Economic capabilities are crucial for Strengthening regional multilateral security cooperation, and the weak relationship between the two countries It could impede American goals.”

Historical differences

However, the historical differences between South Korea and Japan foreshadow over Relations flourishing between the two leaders.

Yoon facing cash in home who submitted it more than he got in his efforts to improve relations with Japan, including by suggesting that South Korean companies – and not Japanese companies as the court ordered – compensate victims of Wartime action during the colonial occupation of Japan 1910-1945.

South Korean officials hoped Kishida would provide something of gesture in Go back and make some political supportalthough few observers expect any further formal apology for Historical errors. Yoon himself indicated that he did not think Japan needed to “kneel”. more over What happened? in the past.

the majority of South Koreans believe that Japan has not apologized enough for He told me about the atrocities during the occupation. “They think Prime Minister Kishida should show sincerity during his visit to South Korea such as mentioning historical issues and apologizing” added.

On the other hand, Daniel Russell said that Japan is slowing down, former American assistant secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific.

Kishida is careful not to go faster than his house politics statement,” he added.

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