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Kallas Re-Elected as Estonian Prime Minister and Outspoken Pro-Ukraine Advocate

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The current Prime Minister of Estonia and one of The most outspoken supporter of Europe of Ukraine Kaga Class won Baltic state general Sunday elections.

He fought Kallas, leader of the centre-right Reform party against An extreme right-wing populist in a vote that focused on national security and economy.

Preliminary returns from the full vote count showed that the Islah Party, W senior a partner in The three outgoingparty coalition governmentreceived 31.2% of the vote – the biggest share in Sunday elections.

This translates to 37 seats in Estonia’s 101-seat parliament, or rijikojo, an increase from of Three seats from the 2019 elections.

“this resultwhich is not final After, I will give us Strong mandate to form a good governmentCallas customs here party colleagues and jubilant supporters at a hotel in The capital is Tallinn.

named, prime minister Since 2021, faced a challenge Far-right populist Ekre partywhich seeks to reduce the exposure of the Baltic state to the Russian war in Ukraine, blame current government for High inflation in Estonia rate.

a screen took second place with 16.1% of votes and 17 seats in Legislature, a decrease of two seats compared to four years ago. The Center Party, traditionally favored by Estonia’s large ethnic Russian minority, came in third with 15.3% of the vote.

Biggest surprise of elections, where more from 900,000 people were eligible for voteHe was emergence of Estonia 200, a small the liberal centre partyany won 14 seats and 13.3% of the vote.

National Security in getting up of neighboring Russia invasion of Ukraine and socio-economic issues, in particular rising cost of living, it was main campaign themes of The election.

preliminary results Proposal six parties passed 5% threshold of support must be in parliament.

Voter turnout was 63.7%, prof rate that it on On an equal footing with Previous elections by first information.

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