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Kim Jong Un Declares North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons are for Self-Defense

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Seoul, March 28 – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that the DPRK’s nuclear weapons are not directed against other countries, that the “enemy” of the country’s nuclear forces is the war itself and the nuclear catastrophe as a whole, and that the DPRK authorities strive for peace and stability. in the region, North Korea’s Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) reported.).
The agency stated that Kim Jong-un supervised the adoption of nuclear weapons on March 27 and heard a report on the progress made in recent years regarding the qualitative and quantitative strengthening of the DPRK’s nuclear armed forces.
USS Nimitz

The US nuclear aircraft carrier approached the Korean Peninsula

“Dear Comrade Kim Jong Un said… We have resolutely walked the really difficult and long path of having nuclear weapons, once again declaring that the enemy is the DPRK nuclear armed forces, which has accumulated a strong deterrent force, we must fight against some, whether it is a country Or a certain group, but the war itself and a nuclear disaster, the DPRK line of building nuclear forces is constantly aimed at safeguarding the eternal security of the state and peace and stability in the region.
Kim Jong-un got acquainted in detail with the technical characteristics, features of the structure and operation of new tactical nuclear weapons, methods of their use and operational goals. He examined the interaction and interchangeability of nuclear weapons with other weapon systems, the operational plan of a theoretical nuclear counterattack, related orders, as well as the technical condition, level of informatization, reliability, safety and scientific nature of the state control over nuclear weapons system called “nuclear operator”. It should be noted that the latter was successfully tested in recent integrated tactical exercises of nuclear units.
The President of the DPRK praised the great efforts and great successes of the Institute of Nuclear Weapons, and its contribution to strengthening the country’s nuclear forces in accordance with the “strategic plan and intention” of the Central Committee of the party “in a comprehensive and diversified way of exploiting nuclear weapons in the multilateral operational space.”
The DPRK recently conducted a number of exercises to test nuclear weapons systems. On March 18 and 19, the DPRK conducted an exercise to improve its tactical nuclear capability, war deterrence and counterattack capabilities, during which the reliability of “nuclear explosion control devices and detonators” was confirmed. On March 22, Pyongyang tested four Hwasal-1 (Strela-1) and Hwasal-2 strategic cruise missiles equipped with warheads simulating nuclear weapons. From 21 to 23 March and 25 to 27 March, tests were carried out of a new Hale-type underwater unmanned attack system, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. On March 27, a test was conducted to detonate a nuclear warhead in the air using two surface-to-surface tactical ballistic missiles.
Launch of a ballistic missile - 1920, 03/28/2023

North Korea tests a missile with an imitation nuclear warhead

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