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Kohler Celebrates Al Ahly’s Win Over Cameroon in African Champions League

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Fired team manager Al Ahli Al-Masri, Swiss coach Marcel Kohler, made some fiery statements after beating the Cameroonian cotton in the postponed first round of the group stage of the championship. African Champions League.

Today, Saturday, Red Genie defeated their Cameroonian counterpart 3-0 as part of the delayed first round of the CAF Champions League group stage.

These two teams are in the second group of the CAF Champions League group standings along with Sun Downs and Al Hilal from Sudan.

The Sun Downs team leads the group standings with 7 points, while the Sudanese Al Hilal team is in second place with 6 points.

The red giant then takes third place with 4 points, while the Cameroonian cotton closes the group without points.

Kohler’s first comment since Al Ahly win over Cameroon Cotton in African Champions League

Marcel Koller expressed his satisfaction with the level of his players and the result against the Cameroonian cotton in the postponed first round of the African Champions League group stage.

And at the press conference after the match, he said: “An early goal helped us control the match. We don’t know who will come out, but we will fight for our dream and desire to pass.” We have injuries and we had players who could represent the team and today we saw players who played confidently and responsibly.”

And he continued: “Today we achieved an important victory and scored three points, and we still do not know who will advance to the second group.”

And he added: “Bruno Savio was away for a long time due to injury, and he participated with the team in one or two sessions, and I had a desire to give him the opportunity to participate in the last quarter of an hour, but since he had just returned from injury, I preferred don’t push him.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “There is a state of intense concentration to ensure outstanding results in the coming period.”

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