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Kohler sparks controversy with this shocking confession!

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Egyptian team coach Al Ahly lifted Swiss coach Marcel Koller with a shocking confession after losing to Sudan’s Al Hilal in the African Champions League.

The Sudanese side Al-Hilal beat their Egyptian counterpart Al-Ahli by one goal in the second round of the African Champions League group stage.

Kohler sparks controversy with this shocking confession!

Swiss coach Marcel Koller revealed problems in his team, which showed the defeat against Al-Hilal, and also attacked the presence of fans in the stands.

Marcel Kohler said in a press conference after the match: “The defeat is unfortunate and sad, but we are still at the beginning of the tournament path, and we will work to correct our mistakes.”

And he added: “The match was played in a difficult atmosphere and we were surprised by the presence of a (violent) public, despite the decision to play the match without spectators.”

And the Swiss coach lured: “The referee only issued a yellow card in the 94th minute, despite the loss of time.”

Marcel Kohler acknowledged the mistakes, saying: “The match brought to light some of the problems we had and we will work on fixing them.”

He concluded: “Al-Ahli is not afraid despite the loss. We will work on correcting mistakes and scoring points, and in the next matches we will definitely show better.”

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