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Koller’s hot comment after Al-Ahli missed a penalty against the Sun Downs in the CAF Champions League.

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Al Ahli met their South African counterpart Mamelody Sundowns in a match that brought them together in the third round of the Champions League group stage. African Champions League.

The World Stadium floor witnessed the activity of a fiery confrontation that brought together the Red Genie and his South African counterpart, which ended in a two-goal positive draw for the same.

Peter Chalulil and Morena scored two goals for the Mamelodi Sundowns while Mohamed Abdel Moneim and Hussein El Shahat scored two goals for Red Genie during the match.

The hosts of the Red Castle scored the first point of the tournament after a draw with the Sun Downs and stumbled with an unanswered goal against the Sudanese Crescent in Khartoum, finishing third in the standings of the second group, which includes them with the Cameroonian cotton company.

The referee of the match awarded a penalty in favor of the “Red Genie”, which was taken by the player Mohamed Hani, but shot weakly, hitting the Sun Downs goalkeeper in the hand.

Mohamed Hani
Mohamed Hani

Koller’s hot comment after Al-Ahli missed a penalty against the Sun Downs in the CAF Champions League.

Swiss coach Marcel Koehler, manager of Al Ahly club, commented that Mohamed Hani took the penalty for nothing, as he stated in the press conference after the match, saying: “I always change the players who take the penalty, because if a particular the player continues to sell, he will know how to put the ball and where.


And he continued: “I chose 3 players, one of which is shooting, and these are Afshah, Maalul and Hani, and I told them that whoever finds it difficult to score in any match, tell his teammate and he replaces him. “.

And Kohler concluded: “Afshah missed the ball earlier, Maalul also earlier, and Hani also missed today, although Hani scores very well from penalties in training.”

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