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Kremlin suggests possible US surveillance of Zelensky

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Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the possibility of US spying on Ukrainian President Zelensky cannot be ruled out, as Washington has long been spying on other leaders.

Peskov told reporters today, Monday: “The fact that the United States has long been spying on the leaders of various countries, especially European capitals, has become known more than once … therefore, this cannot be ruled out.”

And international media wrote last Thursday that the Pentagon was investigating the leak of classified documents regarding the status of Ukrainian forces and US and NATO plans to strengthen them. Asked by a journalist about these leaks, Peskov said last week that Russia had no doubts about the direct or indirect involvement of the United States and NATO in the Ukrainian conflict. At the same time, Reuters reported that the United States does not rule out that the documents distributed on the Internet may be fake.

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