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Kyiv’s Push to Join NATO Should Be Resisted by Washington: American Newspaper

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An American conservative newspaper said that Washington and Brussels should resist Kyiv’s insistence on joining NATO, as the Kiev regime would attack Russia and drag the alliance along.

The newspaper added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has launched a campaign to have his country included on the list of US allies during the upcoming coalition summit, saying such a move “would be a signal at the right time.”

She stressed that Zelensky’s campaign has caused divisions among NATO members on this issue, as Washington and Berlin reject the principle of immediate action to annex Ukraine.

And she stressed that “Kyiv’s attempt is supported by the unfortunate and helpless, who are supported by the United States. For example, Estonian President Alar Karis. In addition, Eastern European countries are seeking to influence Washington to change its policy regarding Ukraine’s membership on the eve of the summit.

She pointed out that Poland and the Baltic countries, despite their request to the NATO countries to strengthen support for Kyiv, but they do not dare to intervene by force in the conflict without the approval of the United States.

And she recalled that “Warsaw felt more relieved than the other side in NATO when it turned out that the rocket that fell on its territory was Ukrainian, not Russian.”

He concluded that the costs and risks of a protracted Ukraine conflict might be too great for America in its current climate of financial and political instability, so Washington should dash Zelensky’s hopes and prioritize peace first.

Source: RIA Novosti

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