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Kylian Mbappe receives a message from Real Madrid for a specific purpose

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Real Madrid sent a letter of thanks to FIFA President Infantino after the Swiss supported Vinicius Junior, a player from the Royal Club.

The Royal Club also thanked, in an official statement, Brazilian President Lulu da Silva and also thanked Casemiro, Neymar, Mbappe and Roberto Carlos, as well as Kaka, Sancho and Rio Ferdinand for their support of Vincenzo Junior.

Real Madrid attack the President of the Spanish Federation

Real Madrid’s statement has launched an attack on Luis Rubiales in his capacity as president of Spanish football and arbitration for not taking the necessary legal action regarding what is happening to the Brazilian player.

And the statement added: “Yesterday the referee and video officials abdicated and they made unfair and biased decisions and what they did was repeated in many matches.

He continued: We are concerned that no action has been taken by the Spanish Football Federation despite clear signs and developments and the club hopes that action will be taken to end racism.

He concluded: we will continue to work to maintain the value of the coexistence model and Junior, a player from the Royal Club, was racist by Valencia fans at yesterday’s meeting that brought them together.

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