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Lance Reddick, Known for his Roles in “The Wire” and “John Wick,” Passed Away at the Age of 60

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Lance Reddick, a character actor in “The Wire,” “Fringe,” and the “John Wick” franchise, died. 60-year-old.

Lance Reddick, An Actor best known for his Roles in Horizon Zero Dawn and The Wire, has Died at the Age of 60_

His publicist Mia Hansen said Reddick died “suddenly” Friday morning from natural causes. No details were given.

Wendell Pierce, Reddick’s “The Wire” co-star, tweeted a tribute. “A strong and graceful man,” he wrote. “A brilliant musician and actor. Distinguished.” Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves dedicated “John Wick — Chapter Four” to Reddick, saying they were “deeply devastated and heartbroken at the loss.”

Reddick played tall, regal men in suits and uniforms. He played Lt. Cedric Daniels, a straight-laced Baltimore police officer, on HBO’s “The Wire.”

“Consummate professional, devoted collaborator, charming and compassionate man, loyal friend,” tweeted David Simon of Reddick. I’m done. Devastating. Too early.”

I’m creative. My work is good. I went to drama school knowing I was as skilled as others. Nonetheless, because I was a Black man and wasn’t handsome, I knew I would have to work my butt off to be the greatest and get noticed,” Reddick told the Los Angeles Times in 2009.

Reddick played Philip Broyles on Fox’s “Fringe,” Matthew Abaddon on “Lost,” and Continental Hotel concierge Charon in Lionsgate’s “John Wick” movies, including the fourth, which releases later this month.

Lance Reddick’s depth and charisma gave Wick its character Element. Lance’s work is unforgettable. “We shall remember him as our charming, happy friend and Concierge,” Lionsgate stated.

Reddick was nominated for a SAG Award in 2021 for Regina King’s “One Night in Miami” ensemble. “Intelligence” and “American Horror Story” were his recurrent roles. Seven years on “Bosch.”

20th Century’s adaptation of “White Guys Can’t Jump” and Netflix’s Shirley Chisholm biography are his forthcoming projects. He was also cast in “Ballerina,” a “John Wick” spinoff, and “The Caine Mutiny Court Martial.”

After graduating from Yale University’s theatre school, Baltimore native Reddick appeared in “CSI: Miami” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” He appears in “I Dreamed of Africa,” “The Siege,” and “Great Expectations.”

Lance Reddick, An Actor best known for his Roles in Horizon Zero Dawn and The Wire, has Died at the Age of 60_

In season four of “Oz,” Reddick played a tragic undercover officer who became an addict.

TV never fascinated me. That was always a tool. Like many actors, I just wanted to pursue theatre and cinema. Oz transformed television. HBO’s excellent, edgy, artistic reign began with it. “Something that harkens back to the great cinema of the ’60s and ’70s,” he told The Associated Press in 2011.

“I leaped at ‘Oz.’ As a man who never wanted to be on television, I realized I had to be on “The Wire” after reading the pilot.

Reddick studied classical composition and piano at Eastman. “Contemplations and Remembrances,” his jazz debut, was released in 2011.

“Intelligence” featured him as CIA director Jeffrey Tetazoo. He played Papa Legba in “American Horror Story: Coven,” a spirit medium.

His wife, Stephanie, and children, Yvonne Nicole and Christopher survive Reddick.

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